Who Really Am I?

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Agustus 16, 2012 oleh kikisenyo

I often ask this question to myself. “Who really am I?” Ya, I must know who really I’m. So, when anybody judges me, I could accept it.

Sometimes I got confuse with this “four-word-question”. For example:

(?): “Who really am I?”

(+): I’m just an ordinary guy.

(–): NO! I’m admirable!


(?): “Who really am I?”

(+): I’m clever.

(–): You’re not clever! You’re genius bro!

Hehehe, I’m not find the answers yet. But till now I still looking for my identity, to answer many questions which will come. Who really am I? I guess I’ll find many fabulous and unique characteristics in myself. Amiin 🙂

Ask yourselves, too, guys! Who really are you? It’ll help you later!


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