Everyone Have A Dream, I Have it Too!


Agustus 10, 2012 oleh kikisenyo

Yesterday I got envy with some people who get a chance being an exchange students to America, in KL-YES program. I can see from their expression that they’re so excited, proud, and certainly glad because they can reach their dream, stepped in America!

As said by Anais Nin, “Dreams are necessary to life”, I think I must have many dreams for my life. I can imagine being success, famous, rich, have a beautiful wife and sweet childrens, and many other, because it’s important for my future life. So, if I dreamed to be an exchange student to America too, why not?

Because if I don’t want to be a dreamer, it won’t change my life. My life is always flat, right? And have a flat life isn’t good! You must have your own, because it necessary to your life.

And Ami Tan also said something about dream in her book, The Hundred Secret Senses, “We dream to give ourselves hope. To stop dreaming – well, that’s like saying you can never change your fate”.

We don’t know about fate. Fate has its own way, it will give a lucky to someone it want. And give poor to someone it want it too! Okay, I think I can dreamed ‘again’ being an exchange student. Because when I stop dreaming, I don’t know the fate will gives me that opportunity or not. I want to be an exchange student! I want to make my parents, my big families, school, and my friends proud of me. And till now, I still dreaming. I hope it will be real sometime.

“I tell people I’m too stupid to know what’s impossible. I have ridiculously large dreams, and half the time they come true.” This quote from Debi Thomas made me interested. Even, you can reach the silly dream if you have an effort.

Okay, I want to tell you about some people I know of 80 Indonesian students who had choosen for this KL-YES exchange student. I just know six peoples, and all of them comes from Chapter Padang. Oh ya, Chapter Padang has two subchapter. They are  Pekanbaru and Batam.

Four peoples I know come from Padang, one from Pekanbaru, and one from Batam. I just know them, we never talked each other. Hehe.

The four candidates from Padang that I know are Bang Arry from SMAN 1 Padang, Kak Mutia and Kak Ratu from MAN 2 Padang, and Kak Keken from SMAN 1 Padang Panjang. The candidate from Pekanbaru that I know is Kak Claudia, from SMA Swasta Cendana Duri. And the last, from Batam, I know Kak Yanti, from SMAN 3 Batam.

Hmm, they’re my inspiration. They can reach their dream, being an exchange student. Haha, I want it too! Now, “insya Allah”, I’ll face the national test in Jakarta on next November. Ya, I’ve pass the chapter’s tests! I hope I can pass the test and go to the America. Amiin..

This morning, I found some similarity and relation between me and each of the candidates of Chapter Padang’s exchange student. Okay, let’s check it out!:

Between me and Bang Arry

Bang Arry sent a wall on Bina Antarbudaya

Bang Arry sent a wall on Bina Antarbudaya

  • We’ve followed the same competition with anti-corruption theme, called “Pekan Anti Korupsi” (Pekantoran) UNAND 2011 last November. Although I followed the writing articles competition and Bang Arry in the debate, but we both the Ambassador of Anti-Corruption!
  • We both active in our school organization. I’m in OSIS, he’s in MPK.
  • We are a man! Hahaha

Between me and Kak Mutia

Kak Mutia is in Washington

Kak Mutia is in Washington

  • The first letter in our name is “M”. Mutia Khairannisa – M. Rezki Achyana
  • We love cat!


Between me and Kak Ratu

Kak Ratu's Album on Facebook, "The First Day in USA"

Kak Ratu’s Album on Facebook, “The First Day in USA”

  • We both was born on December 2nd! WOW!
  • We both was an AIESECers
  • Kak Ratu was my friend’s roommate in rental housing in front of my school, named Kak Nila 😀
  • Bang Afdal is my neighbor! :p (okay, Kak Ratu must be understand) ^o^v


Between me and Kak Keken

Chapter Padang's Candidates

From left to right; Bang Arry, Kak Mutia, Kak Ratu, Kak Keken

  • Kak Keken lived and school in Padang Panjang. Padang Panjang is my father’s hometown. I often come there, because my grandmother live there.
  • Kak Keken’s real name is ‘Kenty Regina’, and she has nick name as ‘Keken’. My real name is ‘M. Rezki Achyana’, and my nick name is ‘Kiki’. Keken and Kiki sounds similar, right? LOL

Between me and Kak Claudia

Kak Claudia mentioned me yesterday!

Kak Claudia mentioned me yesterday!

  • We both was born on December!
  • We are an author, blogger as well
  • We both had interested with Japan.

Between me and Kak Yanti

Kak Yanti's Departure

Kak Yanti’s Departure

  • Kak Yanti comes from Batam, and now I’m in Batam.
  • We both comes from the same high school number, SMAN 3!! 😀

Hahaha, Looking for my similarities and the relation with them is so fun! I’m creative right? LOL

Hmm, I hope with this all, I also can be an exchange student like them. That’s my dream :’) Because life comes from the dream, till now I still dreaming.


2 thoughts on “Everyone Have A Dream, I Have it Too!

  1. ratu berkata:

    what a great adek 😀
    i hope you will be the next okay keep praying and waiting

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