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Agustus 9, 2012 oleh kikisenyo

Holla guys, can you see the changes in this blog? Ya, there’s three changes in here. I’ve modify it yesterday, yeay! I changed the theme, background, and added two new pages!

For the theme, I getting bored with the old one. That’s the reason why I change it. This new theme is so simple, you can see so many posts in a same time. It’s so different with the previous theme, which you must see one post, then finally you can see the next. In this new theme, what you need just to click “Lanjutkan membaca”, and you’ll see the full post. Simple, right?

Oh ya, in this new theme, you also can see someone handsome in top. Hahaha, it’s me! So handsome right? :p

The other changes in this blog is the two new pages, ‘Cerpen’, and ‘Journey!’.

I love to make a short story. With love theme, friendship, loyalty, even horror! You can read some of my story in ‘Cerpen’ pages. My last short story’s tittle is ‘Bulan’, it’s telling about someone who don’t want the fate killing his girl, and tells his sadness to the moon. In that page, you’ll see the lists of the stories with it’s link. So, if you want to read a story, just click the ‘Cerpen‘ page, then ‘Lanjutkan>>>’, and enjoy it!

And the second page is ‘Journey!’. I fill this page with my experiences in everytime. For now, I just fill this with my experiences being a volunteer in Batam, in a special school for special kids gets autism, hyperactive, and others. Ya, I love to writing all about my life. And certainly this page tells you about my life! I’ll add this page with a post when I have a new experiences. It’s same like the ‘Cerpen’ page, you just need to click ‘Lanjutkan>>>’ if you want to read more the post! Check it out, and you are going to know me. 🙂

Gotcha, thankiss guys!


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