Basko Grand Mall


Februari 5, 2012 oleh kikisenyo

Basko Grand Mall

          Basko Grand Mall is in Air Tawar. To go there, you can use the yellow public transportation if you come from Siteba. But, if you come from Ulak Karang or Pasar Raya, you can use bus or white or orange public transportation.

Many people love Basko Grand Mall so much. Because, we can see some restaurant, distro, sport center, and game area in there.

The restaurant in there, such as KFC, Bread Talk, CFC, Solaria, and Pizza Hut. The meal in those restaurant are cheap and delicious. It’s suitable for the student like us. Interesting, right?

Basko Grand Mall has three floor, include the ground floor. In the ground floor, we can see Bread Talk, Pizza Hut, and daily needs center. If you wanna looking for vegetables, milk, and fruit, you can go to the daily needs center.

If we go to the next floor, the first floor, we can see KFC, CFC, Fun Station, clothes center, and sport center. In this floor, too, we can get the rest room.

And in the highest floor, we can see Solaria, handphone’s services, Strawberry, and the second Fun Station.

Okay, let’s come to Basko Grand Mall! There’s many interesting places you’ll meet! J


M. Rezki Achyana

SMAN 3 Padang


2 thoughts on “Basko Grand Mall

  1. dewai berkata:

    is the any cineplex ? where can we find cinema XXI in padang

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