Domestication Cat

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Februari 20, 2011 oleh kikisenyo


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Domestication Cat


As the animal which had ever experience domestication, cat lives in mutuality relationship with human. But this mutualism history is far shorter compared with the other domesticated animals. And the cat domestication rate has still been debated. Because of the benefit gotten from the existence of a cat, so the human let the wild cat wander about in settlement. The ancestor of house cat was not too close with the owner, it is different from the other domesticated animals. This history which may cause inexistence of strong bond owned by cat to the owner. As a result, most of cat owners regard cat is the animal which does not really care and independent. Yet, cat can be so closed to its owner, especially if it is grown up since baby and often gets attention.


The very earliest account about the effort of cat domestication was around 4000 BC in Egypt, when cat was used to keep the grocery stores away from rat’s attack. However, recently, in one grave at Shillourokambos, Cyprus, in 7500 BC in year, was found the cat buried together with human. Because rat was not the origin animal from Cyprus, this case shows that at least, at that time, had occurred domestication of cat effort. The skeleton of a cat found in Cyprus was similar to the wild cat species that was the ancestor of house cat in this present.



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